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Keep the bad guys out with the Emerald Locksmith fail proof lock installation and repair service.

Securing your business and ensuring the safety of your investments is not a job you leave to amateurs. You need professional locksmiths with demonstrable expertise and a proven track record at delivering first-rate lock installations and repairs. Emerald Locksmith is all that and more.

With an in-house team comprised of Minneapolis’s finest locksmith technicians all wielding the latest tech gear, Emerald Locksmith delivers a commercial lock and repair service that’s best described as an industry pacesetter. Subscribe to our service and see why we are the foremost commercial locksmith service provider in the Minneapolis region.

Rekey your locks with peace of mind

Per the International Association of Fraud Examiners, employees are culpable in about 42% of all cases of occupational fraud that eventually leads to a net loss of approximately $3.7 trillion for businesses. One recurrent issue that comes up with these cases of fraudulent activities is that of poor access level control and/or a failure to change lost keys after an employee contract has been terminated.

Emerald Locksmith can help you avert these potential losses with our tested, trusted and professional rekeying service. Our technician can help you customize your lock and key systems to operate on a bespoke basis, so you’re in control regardless of your employee situation.

State your specifications, and we’ll get it done

Deadbolts, automatic or mechanical doors, secure high-tech key control systems or good old plain commercial door locks, we’ve got the inventory and technical expertise to handle all your commercial locksmith requests. All you need do is tell us what you want, and we’ll conduct a professional lock installation that’s guaranteed to supersede your expectations.

What’s more, because we leverage the economics of scale, the Emerald Locksmith full range of lock and key solutions are available at unbeatable rates. Our goal of providing excellent lock and key installation is well matched by our zeal to see small and medium scale businesses grow – with Emerald Locksmith you’re shielded from the cutthroat rates and obscene hidden charges commonplace in the industry.