Automotive Locksmith Minneapolis

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Premium automotive services

Keep your car on the road with our extensive lineup of automotive locksmith services. Emerald Locksmith is home to an army of veteran car locksmiths who’re always on hand to help troubleshoot and rectify any issues with your car locking system. You can count on us to be up to the task, thoroughly professional and swift in response. We’ll get you back on track in the shortest time possible.

We know how your car works

Skilled, dedicated and thorough, our automotive technicians go by many names, each a tell-tale description of their abilities. Our proficiencies paired with a corporate organizational culture that emphasizes learning and consistent practice grants us the pedigree to handle virtually all vehicle makes and brands.

Where others fail, you can count on us to deliver without breaking a sweat. That’s the Emerald Locksmith promise of unrivaled expertise and in-depth technical know-how.

There when you need us

One phone call is all it takes to get us on site at your time of need. Don’t worry you don’t need to empty your wallets for the Emerald Locksmith premium automotive treatment; affordability remains one of our core selling points.

America’s premier car key replacement experts

From traditional transponders to the high tech intelligent key fobs, we’re available round the clock to help you replace or duplicate your car key securely. No longer do you have to bear the stress (and financial burden) of towing your car to the dealership for a car key replacement job. At Emerald Locksmith our technicians possess all the diagnostic and programming tools required to duplicate your lost or spoilt key remotely. Which way would you rather have it? The tedious or the stress-free Emerald way.

Ignition repair – Emerald Locksmith for the tougher jobs

A damaged ignition or one with a stuck key can be a stressful and arduous challenge to overcome. When tough scenarios such as this present, you’re better off calling on a reputable locksmith service that has what it takes to surmount the challenge.

Our sterling reputation as the tough fixers of Minneapolis precedes us. Trust us to always live up to expectation regardless of the complexity of the prevailing circumstance. As long as it’s related to car locks, you can be rest assured that we’re up to the task.